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The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003

NAME – Your company name, trading name, and the nature of your business

DATE – The intended start date and intended duration of the assignment

POSITION – The position and type of work the successful Candidate will be required to do

LOCATION – The location at which the successful Candidate will work and the hours of work expected of them

RISKS – Any relevant health and safety risks and what steps you have taken to prevent or control such risks (what PPE the candidate should be required to wear)

COMPETENCE – The experience, training and qualifications and any authorisation which you consider are necessary, or which are required by law, or by any professional body which the Candidates must possess in order to do the work 

EXPENSES – Any expenses payable by or to the successful Candidate

SALARY – The minimum rate of pay and any other benefits to be offered and the intervals of payment

NOTICE – The notice period that the successful Candidate must give and receive for the vacancy to be terminated

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